Innovation & Leadership Courses

The need for responsible, innovative, and knowledgeable leaders is at its highest. There are so many people opening business left and right without proper management or leadership knowledge, which can be essential for a company’s success. It’s critical to know how to inspire and motivate your employees to achieve a stable work environment. It’s also crucial to embrace and learn about various innovations that can be incorporated into one’s business model. 

Luckily, there are so many useful online resources that can help aspiring entrepreneurs and managers learn more about leadership and innovation. Here are our top selections:

1. EdX Leadership and Innovation Courses

EdX is a well-known name in the world of online courses. They connect leading global universities with individuals who are looking to improve their skills and obtain new ones. The best thing about it is that most of their courses are free, and they offer hundreds of different options. The lectures will talk about some key aspects, including:

  • Communication
  • Management
  • Motivation
  • Organization
  • Digital Transformation
  • Leadership

Most of their programs are aimed at beginners and require virtually no previous experience. They focus on both theoretical and practical knowledge. To complete a course, users will have to do different assignments and pass a final exam. Upon completion, individuals will be ready to handle any challenge.

2. Udemy Accelerated Leadership Courses

Udemy is another popular platform that offers reasonably-priced courses in many different areas of expertise. When it comes to leadership and innovation, they have over 300 various programs to choose from. Their courses are short, so it will be easy to fit them in one’s busy schedule. These are some of the most popular classes that can be found on Udemy:

  • Management Skills: New Manager Training in Essential Skills
  • The Science of Leadership
  • Think Like a Leader with Brian Tracy
  • Innovation Masterclass
  • Business Model Innovation: Differentiate & Grow Your Company

3. Harvard’s Online Management & Leadership Courses

Harvard is known for its top-notch education. Luckily, they offer a wide variety of online courses that aren’t as expensive as their on-campus education. Individuals will get an opportunity to learn from seasoned industry professionals and obtain a certificate upon completion. These are just some out of many fantastic program options they offer:

  • Developing Yourself as a Leader
  • Entrepreneurship Essentials
  • Disruptive Strategy
  • Leadership Principles
  • Management Essentials – Becoming a Better Manager
  • Sustainable Business Strategy

4. Dale Carnegie Training

Dale Carnegie is an industry leader when it comes to professional training and development solutions. They have been serving clients for over a hundred years, just further proving the quality and the reach of their services. Their courses are well-rounded, comprehensive, accessible, and taught by many renowned industry names.

At Dale Carnegie, they focus on five main aspects of learning: Input, Awareness, Experience, Sustainment, and Output. Their method of learning and teaching have been proven to work over and over again. These are some of their most popular courses in the fields of innovation and leadership:

  • Leadership Training for Managers
  • Develop Your Leadership Potential: Stop Doing, Start Learning
  • Leadership Training for Results: Unleash Talent in Others
  • Agility: The New Competitive Divide Preparing for Success in the Era of AI
  • Adjust to Change

5. Coursera’s Innovation Courses

Coursera is another renowned name in the field of affordable learning. Their goal is to provide everyone with an accessible, high-quality education that will help individuals with improving their skills, learning about new industry trends, and becoming more successful. Coursera offers hundreds of different course options and has tens of thousands of daily users. These are the courses to look out for:

  • Design Thinking for Innovation
  • Innovation Management
  • Strategic Management of Innovation
  • Strategic Leadership and Management Specialization
  • Foundations of Everyday Leadership
  • International Leadership and Organizational Behavior

A Course Is Not Available in My Country. What Should I Do?

Some websites target their courses for specific markets. If one of the courses listed above is not available in your country, that means that the content is geo-restricted. However, don’t let that stop you from learning and developing your skills. Here are two ways you can use to bypass the restrictions:

Ask Someone to Buy It for You

This will only work if the course isn’t live and has pre-made classes instead. Individuals can contact one of their friends from another country and ask them if they could buy it for them. Or, if they know someone who had already bought one of the desired courses, just ask them to share it. They can download the course material and send it via e-mail, Drop Box, or Google Drive.

Install a VPN

If individuals don’t have anyone that would be willing to buy the course for them, they can always install a VPN service to bypass the geo-restrictions. A VPN may be explained as a server that becomes a proxy between you and the website you’re trying to connect to. 

It masks the user’s real location and also encrypts your traffic. Then, users can opt to connect to another country’s server and access or download the restricted material. It’s effortless, fast, and secure.

If you’re looking to develop your leadership skills, that means that you’re already on the right path to becoming a formidable leader. True leaders know the value of learning and obtaining new skills, and sharing it with others to inspire change and increase motivation. The industry is filled with rapidly-evolving innovations and is in a great need of confident and capable individuals who will lead their employees to success.